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Artist's Biography:

Kirk was born in McAllen, Texas to Charles and Dorothy Clark. His parent's enthusiastic collecting, writing, lecturing and involvement in the contemporary art scene greatly influenced their son. His father served on the Fine Arts Council for the University of Texas, the University of California, Berkley, and the University of Michigan.

Kirk studied sculpture and drawing in the mid 60s and graduated from The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Clark´s unique work has been featured in galleries and Universities in New Mexico, South Texas, ans Mexico and has inspired collectors throughout Mexico and the United States. Writing poetry in the ancient Chinese style of Bagua compliments Kirk´s artistic passion.

Kirk is married to Jeri, and father to sons Charlie, Alex, Daniel and daughter Anne. All are great blessings in his life.

¨Shock Wave is a series inspired by recordings of wildlife habitats around the world, particularly in Antarctica under the sea. Shock Waves capture the imagine formed by sonic and sud-sonic communication between sea mammals and other sea creatures¨


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Fine Art • Antiques • Old West Collectibles