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Artist's Biography:

Originally from Allende, Nuevo Leon, Andres Tamez started his inspiration for the world of art at an eraly age in elementary school. When his teacher gave him free time to drew his first oil painting. However, he did not like it. For him, the painting looked too thick and disastrous! The worst thing for him was that he had wasted all his paints and brushes for  nothing! For a while, this caused him to decline his enthusiasm to continue painting. For the next few years, he dropped brushes and paints out of his world.

Instead, he enjoyed his youth going to the river as often as he could. He loved to be in contact with nature! He visited any museum that would have art in it. He would spend long hours looking at paintings. All of these lived experiences gave him the opportunity to observe colors, contrast of light, and shades. So, inspired again, he took his oil paints and brushes.

From there after, his will of painting his next creations became more intense! Many of Andres´s painting are taken from places where he used to play in his childhood. Others are taken from what he observes and keeps in his mind.

Many times, he uses his own imagination to paint little towns or anything that has to do with nature. He loves to add a lot of detail in all his work.

This painting that he titled ¨Sueno de Marinero¨ is inspired from a lived personal experience in his childhood.




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Fine Art • Antiques • Old West Collectibles